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bloofoxCMS released: August 25 2020

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For update information how to update to the latest version read the update information in bloofoxCMS help!

WYSIWYG editors

The following editors are currently available:

CKeditor 3.6.4  since 0.5.x  Download 

Spaw2  since 0.2.x to 0.5.0  Download

Notice: Until version 0.4.1 the Spaw2 editor was part of the download package. Since version 0.5.x the editor must be downloaded separately.

Language Files

English and German are included in our download package by default.

Additional available languages:
 Language Use in Version
 Italian  0.3.x, 0.4.x
 Swedish  0.3.x, 0.4.x  Download
 Turkish  0.3.x, 0.4.x  Download
 Ukrainian  0.3.x, 0.4.x  Download

Notice: Until version 0.4.1 all languages are already included in bloofoxCMS download.

Mister Wong Yigg it LinkARENA

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