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bloofoxCMS 0.5.1 available

May 05 2019

As earlier mentioned a new update has been implemented to provide PHP7 support!

Feel free to send any feedback if you find any deprecated methods.

Have fun with bloofoxCMS 0.5.1.

bloofoxCMS now available on github

April 23 2019

bloofoxCMS is now also available on github. You may download or fork it for your use. Probably there will be some updates in future to support PHP7. Enjoy!

Your bloofox Team!

bloofox CMS goes end of life

May 21 2018

A lot of time has gone without any development on bloofox CMS. Now, time has reached to declare the end of life of bloofox CMS. It will be available for download in future but without any maintenance, bugfixing and support.

Many thanks to all promoters and supporters in the last 14 years.

Your bloofox-Team

Downloads repaired

September 08 2015

In the last few months the download links on were broken and the download was only available through sourceforge. Now we fixed that issue. Sorry for any circumstances.

Regards, Team

bloofoxCMS 0.5.0 available

February 27 2013

Dear bloofox friends,

today we released bloofoxCMS 0.5.0 - of course the best bloofoxCMS version ever ;)

Read the Change Log for more information or download and try it out!

Kind regards,
your bloofox team

Try the brand new BETA version!!!

October 16 2012

Hi folks!

You can now try our new BETA version of bloofoxCMS 0.5.0. Go to and send us your feedback! You will help us to get the next release to stable status.

Current focus is the backend: Admincenter

Login with user "admin" and password "admin".

Thanks for your help!

Notice: not all features are set up on beta server!

Kind regards,

your bloofox Team

What's currently happening

September 05 2012

Dear bloofox user,

currently we work on a new release candidate for bloofoxCMS. It will be version 0.5.0 and we focus on the look and feel in Admincenter. We also revise the code and improve some things. For example we changed the language caption handling so that it is more structured and easier to handle translations.

In some next steps we will focus on new features and we will revise all plugins.

Kind regards
your bloofox team

Release 0.4.1 updated - bug after installation

June 13 2012

Today we updated the released files of version 0.4.1.

The problem was that after installation the system shows a maintenance notice. This occurs because of a comparison between the file version and database version. The database version in our previous release was still 0.4.0 instead of 0.4.1.

Where is the file version set? In functions.php file. There is a function called get_current_version():

function get_current_version()
    return("bloofoxCMS 0.4.1");

If you use PhpMyAdmin you could check the value in table sys_setting for entry "database_version". This is where we set the database version.

Kind regards
your bloofox team

Just another little update

April 05 2012

bloofoxCMS 0.4.1 has been released. Please see the Change Log for detailed information.

Kind regards,
bloofox Team

It's time for bloofoxCMS 0.4.0

February 25 2012

bloofoxCMS 0.4.0 released!

After a while we didnt provide a new release today we have released our new version of bloofoxCMS, version 0.4.0.
From now on there will be more updates of bloofoxCMS frequently.

Just try it :)
your bloofox team

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